When you stake your Embr tokens, you have the freedom to choose from multiple staking schedules. Each option comes with its own set of rewards and locking periods.

The first option is Embr token staking. Token staking is easy and simple and can be done directly on our website. All you need to do is simply choose your locking period and you are done. Once your specified locking period ends you will be able to withdraw your tokens, along with the rewards you have generated during that locking period. All token rewards will be taken from the staking rewards pool we have allocated from the total supply.

The second option is LP staking. LP staking differs from token staking in a few ways. With token staking, you simply lock your tokens, and receive rewards. With LP staking you provide liquidity to the Liquidity pool and are able to reap rewards for locking your assets into said pool. In order to participate in LP staking you must provide what is called a token pair. In this instance you will need to deposit an even ratio of BNB and Embr. This will provide you with Embr-BNB LP tokens.

Keeping your LP tokens will provide liquidity as well as generate rewards. At the end of your locking period you may burn your LP tokens in order to receive a proportionate amount of BNB and Embr, as well as your rewards in the form of Embr tokens.

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