$EMBR Staking

Staking your Embr tokens allows you to generate passive income simply by locking your tokens for set periods of time. The amount of Embr tokens you will be rewarded will vary depending on how long you are willing to lock your tokens for. Staking your Embr tokens is very easy and is done directly through joinembr.com.

Token Staking APYs

1 week - 15.0%

4 weeks - 16.2%

52 weeks - 47.1%

LP Staking (Coming Soon)

Liquidity pool staking consists of providing asset pairs in order to reap rewards. Providing a proportionate ratio of Embr and BNB will provide liquidity for others. In exchange for locking your BNB and Embr into the pool you will receive a generous APY on your holdings. To do so you must provide a proportionate amount of BNB and Embr to the pool. Ex: 500 dollars of BNB and 500 dollars of Embr tokens.

LP Staking APYs

1 week - 35.0%

4 weeks - 37.7%

52 weeks - 109.9%

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